January 11, 2007

Civil War 6 : The Battle of the Superhumans begin

I said in my last post that I won't be able to post but here I am. I'm gonna finish this beautiful comic series.

Many heroes have been left injured, discouraged, and questioning where they stand. While some of captain America's allies have joined Tony Stark,, Spider-Man has left the pro-registration side. Jack O' Lantern and the Jester -- members of a newer and more vicious Thunderbolts team -- were sent to track down Spider-Man. After nearly killing him, the villains were gunned down by the Punisher, who took Spider-Man's battered body back to one of Captain America's safehouses. The resistance now has Frank Castle on their side.

Commander Hill and Hank Pym are monitoring the heroes on their training facilities. Another Hercules ,Hermes and Poseidon were on the scene. It is also shown here that Hank Pym is taking in some small capsule in his mouth. You wanna know about that? Well continue reading my frend...

Reed Richards, A.K.A. Mr. Fantastic is in some operating room with another doctor (I don't know who this guy is) working on Thor's cyborg. Reed Richards is reprogramming Thor's Cyborg, fixing the bug that caused Bill Foster's early demise. Reed and Iron Man are talking through wireless communication. Iron Man asked Reed how did his call with the President go. They were talking about some Riot Act and some Big Finale and Reed mentioned some deal about not arresting Johnny Storm and Sue Storm. Iron Man told Reed that he'll talk to the President later and let him handle it.

Meanwhile, Punisher in some special suit is busy climbing on the walls of the secure Baxter Building while communicating with Captain America on his safehouse. Punisher was there to get all the plans on the negative zone.

Sue Storm paid a visit to Namor asking him to join the anti-registration side but Namor says No.Namor says he has no interest in helping a man who would take advantage of their unique relationship.

Our heroes are busy preparing for the final battle. Catain America tells Spider-Man that it's ok if he says pass on this mission since he's still not in the best of shape. Spider-Man insists that the team needs his help. Goldbug and Plunderer, two super-villains showed up and proposed on helping the team but not for long. Punisher sprayed bullets on the two and both were dead, instant. Capain America punched the Punisher and beat the hell out of him for that insane action. The Punisher refuses to fight Cap.

Stark together with Richards are talking to Miriam , one of the parents of the victim of the Stamford Incident. They're on a Garden that was built in Children's honor.

Dr. Strange has been meditating since the Civil War began and the Watcher is telling him that he could end the Civil War madness by a gesture of a whisper but Dr. Strange decided to let the Superhuman's decide on it.

The Anti Registration side team infiltrated the island and this is where the battle will begin. The Black Panther joins the anti-registration team. They were confronted with a team of Pro Registration act led by Iron Man. Iron Man tells Captain Iron Man that they've just walked into a trap. Cap says that he was expecting it to be and reveals both side's spies. Hank Pym shape shifts into Hulkling. The scene ends with Cap telling his team to close their eyes because it might hurt a little.

Cool story. I can't wait for the last issue.

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January 05, 2007

Help Wanted!

Hello everyone. I'd like to apologize for not posting any updates on the Marvel Civil War Comics. I love comics and I love this blog but I'm really getting kinda busy right now. I'm getting married next month as you see I'm busy on helping my fiance plan for the wedding. Thanks.

I'm calling out to anyone out there who has also the love and interest for The Civil War saga to help me maintain my site and post updates on the Civil War comics.

Thanks. If any bloggers out there are interested please leave a comment on this post and I'll invite you to post articles on Marvel Civil War.