October 26, 2006

Civil War # 5 coming out in a few weeks!

On november 11, 2006, Civil War # 5 will be out on the comic stores! I know every Marvel fan out there can't wait for this big issue. Civil War #5 will have a variant and a sketch variant cover available. We will see what will happen to our heroes after Goliath's death on Civil War #5. I know Goliath's death isn't really that big, since he doesn't have a really big role on the story. The writers could have had Iron Man dead instead. I don't hate Iron Man, I just hate his character and what he has been. He pretends to be thinking about other heroes lives but the truth is he is destroying it.

It's Wednesday alright so what do we have for today? Civil War tie-ins are released on the stores today. Here are they are.

The Story: CIVIL WAR Tie-In!
The Civil War continues to rage through Cap’s life, tearing apart every life it touches! In Part 2 of the 3-part ‘DRUMS OF WAR’ arc, we find out how the Red Skull is taking advantage of the split in the hero community to lay plans for his greatest revenge, and the Winter Soldier comes face to face with Cap once again, but which side will he choose? By Top Ten Writer Ed Brubaker and Mike Perkins.
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

The Story: CIVIL WAR Tie-In!
FOUND! The HFH have tracked down CAPTAIN AMERICA and LUKE CAGE in a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house, only to be betrayed by one of their own! MISTY KNIGHT, BLACK CAT and the rest of the gang are forced to rethink their position in the CIVIL WAR. Meanwhile, in response to the Registration Act, super-villains have found a way to gain an edge...reinventing themselves on the genetic level with transplanted Skrull organs!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

New Avengers dissassembled continues!!
He has the power of a thousand exploding suns!! He has the power to end the civil war! Who’s side are you on?? More like who’s side is THE SENTRY on?? A choice is made!!! This issue ties New Avengers, House of M, Civil War and Son of M together! Be there for this very important chapter fully painted by the amazing Adi Granov! Guest-starring the Inhumans!!!
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99

While not an official Civil War tie in, it's a must buy for Spidey fans out there
While his cabal of villains attacked Spidey from all sides, weakening our favorite wall-crawler, the Chameleon sat back and waited. Now, it’s time for him to make his move against the weakest member of Peter’s circle: his Aunt May!! And what last trick does Mark Raxton (aka the Molten Man) have up his flaming sleeve? Things get extremely deadly in this saga’s final chapter!
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99

Note: Comic info taken from Marvel.com

October 23, 2006

Civil War Redesign

It's been more than a week since my last post here. As always, I'm always busy with my day job and some personal matters. I haven't dropped by at any comic store lately but I'm planning to buy some comics one day within this week.

I'm planning to have this site redesigned by the way. Well maybe I'm tired of the look of it. So drop by and wait for more updates. I hope redesign wouldn't take me a week or so. Thanks for the visits guys and keep on supporting Marvel Comics and Civil War.

October 15, 2006

Speedball got shot on Civil War:FrontLine #7

I just bought a copy of Civil War: Front Line #7 today. I was suppose to buy it last Wednesday but due to my busy schedule, I have to wait until today. Yeah I just got from the mall, there were lots of people because everything was on sale except for Front Line # 7, which was OK. I'd buy it even if it costs 200% higher. Well, anyway let's discuss what happened in the latest Front Line issue.

Well, what you're about to read is some kind of spoiler but who wouldn't want a very good spoiler. Well, this blog is for those who don't have access to buy Marvel Comics. That's why I'm here to provide you with the latest news and updates about the latest Marvel event.

Enough with the rambling. Well here we go.

The cover of Frontline # 7 itself will tell you what happened right away. Speedball, a.k.a. Robert Baldwin, yeah the one they accuse for the Stamford tragedy ( but I don't blame him for it now that I've known the conspiracy behind all these tragic Marvel events), has been shot by some unknown guy on his way to tell his side and trial. Baldwin is struggling between life and death. His thoughts are being shown, feeling sorry about what happened.

Ben Urich on the other hand was also on the scene where Speedball was shot. He was talking on the phone to Robbie, Jonah Jameson's righthand. Ben Urich's news about Iron Man, yeah Tony Stark, releasing Norman Osborn out of prison, is getting more controversial and hotter than ever.

Sally Floyd is being shown in an interrogation room when she was visited by Congressman Eugene Sykes, trying to convince her to join his side.

The next scene is really disturbing too. It shows Norman Osborn, the man behind the Green Goblin, talking to someone who I think has high political and control powers on the registration act. My guess is, it's Tony Stark. It's only a guess but I know it's him. He's giving Norman Osborn some super enhancement formula equipped with nano-technology. The last time I hear this nano technology stuff was from Tony Stark on Amazing Spiderman #529 so I know it's him. Iron man is planning to betray the Avengers and all his friends. So the big question is, WHAT IS IRON MAN UP TO NOW?

The Civil War event is really getting out of hand. The plot is thickening and many heroes and lives are getting affected in Marvel Universe and the real world. How does it affect the real world? Well, in my own opinion kids who read this kind of stuff is getting a taste of what's happening to politics today, well subconsciously but it's really gonna be a while before they realize what is it.

Civil War, I love the plot. Better than Infinite Crisis.

October 06, 2006

No more Fantastic Four, Only Mr. Fantastic

I haven't posted for sometime here. I got so busy with many projects and late night PSP gamings. I just finished beating the Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light game and you know what? It has a very disappointing ending. But don't stop yourself from playing it. It's still worth it you know.

So what's new in Civil War? Last wednesday I bought Fantastic Four #540 and read it before I went to sleep. Susan Storm and Reed Richards is having a fight about the registration act. Sue Storm is against the registration act while Mr. Fantastic is fully supporting it. It seems that Reed Richards has lost his sanity because he bases everything on numbers on science. He makes decisions scientifically and I think he lost the thing that makes him human -- emotions. He doesn't have the heart. So the two, Sue and Reed had a fight and sadly, Sue left Reed.

Spider-man and Iron Man was on the comic book pages of FF #540 too. It's the same scene we can see on Amazing Spider-Man #535. Spider-Man, together with Iron Man had a journey to the negative zone prison. Peter asked Reed why he is doing it - Building inhuman devices and places for non-registrant heroes. Unknowingly to Peter, Iron Man is spying on his conversation with Reed. What kind of Man is Iron Man?

Iron Man destroyed and betrayed Spider-Man for spying on everyone. I bet he has also spied on Reed too. I hope Iron Man dies in Civil War. Because of this I'm not gonna even watch the upcoming movie Iron Man next year. Iron Man is a greedy billionaire.