July 30, 2006

The wedding in the middle of the war

There are some places you just don't mess with. Since the dawn of time, that African nation has been sending would-be conquerors home in body bags. While the rest of Africa got carved up like a Christmas turkey by the rest of the world, Wakanda's cultural evolution has gone unchecked for centuries, unfettered by the yoke of colonization. The result: a high-tech, resource-rich, ecologically-sound paradise that makes the rest of the world seem primitive by comparison.

Ruling over all of this is the Black Panther.

The Black Panther is more than just the embodiment of a warrior cult that's served as Wakanda's religious, political and military head since it's inception. The Black Panther is the embodiment of the ideals of a people. Anyone who'd dare to make a move on Wakanda must go through him.

Now, the Panther is on the verge of fulfilling one of his duties as a king: taking a queen. He has announced his engagement to Storm of the X-Men -- a woman whom he shares much love and history. The happy couple prepares for their union, unaware that conflict abroad and dark intentions at home may overshadow their joyous occasion...
Let's not talk about the War for a second, ok? So who are the guests on the wedding of the century? I'm really not familiar about some of them but here they are anyway. I hope I get all their names right.

The Invited Superheroes(in order of appearance):
  • Luke Cage
  • Spider-Man
  • Susan Storm
  • Mr. Fantastic
  • Thing
  • Oh no, where's Johnny? (He's still in the hospital you dummy)
  • Shadowcat
  • Cyclops
  • White Queen
  • Wolverine
  • Colossus
  • Cannibal (Psychic Parasite cooking something evil)
  • Goliath
  • Falcon
  • Professor X (and he can walk!)
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Doctor Strange
  • Blade (?)
  • The Watcher
  • Man-Ape
  • Dr. Doom (Well not physically)
  • I don't know the other's names. If you know the other ones, please leave a comment so I could add them to the list.
Other Guests:
  • Toure
  • Ananda
  • Isaiah Bradley - the editor of Truth: Red, White & Black
  • President Bush
  • Fidel Castro
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Oprah
  • Storm's family
  • Black Panther's uncle
I don't know all of their names. I think you better buy your own issue whether you like it or not because this one is an essential Civil War tie-in.

July 29, 2006

Spider-Man refuses to take Captain America's offer to join his side

Life couldn’t be more complicated -- or more dangerous -- for Peter Parker. Spider-Man has picked a side in the Civil War that’s tearing apart the super hero community, and the decision has ripped apart some of his strongest bonds. When one of the War's leaders comes to recruit Spidey for his troops, will Spidey stay true to that decision?
What's the buzz about Spider-Man? I've got a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #534 and I really don't like the cover at all. It's not about the art. It's just that I hate to see Captain America and Spidey engaging in battle against each other.

I've just read the whole issue once. I know that Spider-Man is having some second thoughts on being on the side of the registration act. Our favorite hero is beginning to realize the negative effects the registration act is bringing in the Marvel universe. And again, I think Iron Man's some traitor. It's all he's doing this registration act becomes law.

Who knows about Spider-Man's ability, Spider-sense? No one but he himself and two other people, Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May. How come Iron Man knows about it too right now? Spidey never told him. Maybe it's the suit that Tony (Iron Man) gave him that's been gathering all the data then sending it all to Tony. That's an act of betrayal.

Well anyway, let's get to the story.

Spider-Man and the rest of the pro-registration assault team are on the way to transfer the captured anti-registration heroes from the battle at the Petrochemical Plant.(I just assumed this one. Correct me if I'm wrong. I can't figure out the timeline. I've just read the story once. Please check out Civil War #3) Iron Man, feeling a bit coward, didn't let Spider-Man swing and let him stayed close to him because Iron Man knew about the Spider-Sense ability the web-slinger has. (Now tell me, is Iron Man tough or what? ...Nah!) The New Avengers, led by Captain America was also cooking something to get these captured prisoners free. So both sides went face to face with each other again. Cap offered Spidey to join his side. SpiderMan refuses and they started to battle. Who won? No one but everything is really getting confusing on Spider-Man's head.

Next month in Amazing Spider-Man #535, we'll find out if Spider-Man stays on the side of the registration act or not!

Nitro's punishment to be decided by a fight

At long last, I have grabbed one of the most important tie ins in the Civil War series. I'm supposed to buy it on it's release date but i guess I was a bit busy. Sorry for the delay my dear readers. Well, here's some news for you about Nitro.

Stamford, Connecticut. A Clash between the NEW WARRIORS and a group of super-powered criminals culminates in a devastating explosion caused by Robert Hunter a/k/a NITRO. Over 600 men, women and children are confirmed dead.

Stockton, California. A suburban couple and a mysterious surfer are tracking WOLVERINE, who is in turn tracking Nitro. Their agenda remains unknown.

Washington, D.C. A mysterious benefactor has been providing aid and comfort to Nitro. To what end remains a mystery.

Big Sur, California. Wolverine and a special S.H.I.E.L.D. unit locate Nitro and attempt to bring him to justice. The encounter ends with the death of the entire strike force.

Somebody's not happy.
So who's not happy? That still remains a mystery.

But after reading Wolverine #44, I've just found out that the suburban couple and the surfer are members of the royal guard of Atlantis. And the reason why they are tracking Wolverine is because they know Wolverine knows where Nitro is and they want to have Nitro for the justice of Princess Namorita's death. Princess Namorita was presumably the first one who died when Nitro detonated himself because she was the closest to him. Guess who shows up on the last page? Yes, Namor himself.

Next month in Wolverine #45, it's the showdown you've been clamoring for! Your favorite mutant, Wolverine, takes on Marvel's first mutant, Namor! The winner walks away with Nitro and the responsibility for his punishment. The loser... may not be able to walk away at all!

This is one good issue and a masterpiece by Marc Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos! You shouldn't miss this one.

July 25, 2006

Gear up and prepare for the Civil War tie-ins!

Approximately one day from now, the local comic bookstore will be again filled with comic geeks and enthusiasts who can't wait to have new issues of the Civil War tie-ins. To all the Civil War series lovers out there I'm giving you the list of what to check out for the quest for Civil War tie-ins tomorrow. Well, here they are:
Civil War: Frontline #4
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1
Amazing Spider-Man #534
Black Panther #18
Fantastic Four #539
New Avengers #22
Wolverine #44

Frontline #4 is the first tie-in that I will grab. Then I'll pick up Spider-Man #534. I'm excited to find out updates about Spidey. I'm sure gonna grab Wolverine #44 because of the amazing story and pencils by Humberto Ramos. Fantastic Four #539 shouldn't be missed also. Let's find out what happened to Susan Storm. Did she leave the hospital? New Avengers #22 will help you understand how Captain America found Hercules and Daredevil. I'm not sure about Black Panther though.

Well, anyway after I grab these copies I'm gonna give you the latest updates immediately!

Stand by and hold on!

Does Iron Man have precognition?

I've read New Avengers: Illuminati over again and while reading the last pages, Iron Man was like talking about the near future exactly as how it is happening right now in Civil War. I was just wondering if Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man has precognition powers? First of all what is precognition? Here's the decription according to wiki.

Precognition is a form of extra-sensory perception. Believers in precognition say it allows a "percipient" to perceive information about future places or events before they happen (as opposed to merely predicting them based on deductive reasoning and current knowledge). A related term, presentiment is used to refer to information about future events which may not present itself in conscious form but rather in the form of emotions or feelings at the autonomic level. These terms are considered by some to be special cases of the more general term clairvoyance.

On the other hand I was also thinking that Iron Man has built a Time Machine and used it to foresee the future. That's why he recorded in his armor Captain America's moves and punches. That's why he saw the Stamford event before it happened. And he also knew Spider-Man would unmask and reveal his secret identity - endangering his family.

Still, I don't know what will happen next. Let's just find out sooner or later on the next issues of Civil War.

July 23, 2006

Will the X-Men stay neutral on the Super Hero Registration Act?

After reading Civil War #3 and finding out that X-Men is still on the neutral, I wanted to know more details whether the X-Men will stick on being neutral on the registration act. For all ye comic lovers out there. I'm gonna share to you the introduction of Civil War: X-Men #1.

The mutant population was growing and in some places, thriving. Then M-Day happened -- in one white flash, 90% of the world's mutant lost their powers. Now, mutants are at the lowest, with only one place to turn. The XAVIER INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER LEARNING has opened its gates to all mutants seeking sanctuary.

But that sanctuary feels more like a prison...

THE OFFICE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY has arrived at the institute, bringing with them live manne Sentinels. They have come to protect the X-Men in their time of need. But the "198" (as the refugees now call themselves) and the O*N*E* are already finding it difficult to deal with one another. Tensions are high.

Meanwhile, a disaster involving the super hero team known as the NEW WARRIORS has shaken the rest of the Marvel Universe, igniting the controversial super hero Registration Act. The act threatens to force all super heroes to register themselves with the government and become official employees of S.H.I.E.L.D. This has sent a rift throughout the super hero community, pitting hero against hero. IRON MAN has been leading the proregistration side, while CAPTAIN AMERICA has been leading the opposition.

The X-Men have decided to remain neutral up until now, but events will soon force them to pick a side, whether they want to or not.
So what the hell happened then on Civil War: X-Men #1? To sum it up short, the refugees got away with the aid of Domino and Shatterstar. And yes Cyclops team could have stopped them but they let them escape.

I predict that the X-Men will be divided into two. Cyclops team against Bishop and the O*N*E*. Bishop is confirmed pro-registration while Cyclops and the rest of the guys are gonna break the law. And to prove that here's what Angel just said, "We protect our own... to the death."

To know more about the X-Men on Civil War, grab your own copy of Civil War: X-Men now while supply lasts.

Whose side is the X-Factor team on?

Someone commented on my previous post, My Battle for Civil War #3, that X-Factor #9 isn't out until the 26th of July. Well I checked Marvel.com and the posted release date of X-Factor #9 was well in fact July 19, 2006. You can check out the teaser and some pictures on X-Factor #9 page at Marvel.

Anyway, for those of you who don't have the copy yet, I'm gonna share to you what is written on the first page of the issue. Here it goes:

In a society where mutants and former mutants alike feel threatened by the world around them, they turn to their first, best line of defense whenever trouble arises: X-Factor, The private detective agency founded by Madrox, the Multiple Man.

Jamie Madrox and Strong Guy were astonished to learn that the DNA samples culled from both Damian Tyrp, Senior and Junior, the heads of Singularity Investigations were identical.

Siryn was astonished to learn, after pumping Spider-Man for information, that various super heroes including the X-Men, knew the secret of M-Day and had been keeping it from everyone else, including X-Factor.

Monet, Rictor, and Wolfsbane were astonished to learn that a dupe of Jamie Madrox is in the employment of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is part of the government initiative of registering super heroes.

Layla Miller had a face to face with Quicksilver outside X-Factor headquarters, but wasn't especially astonished because.. naturally... she knows stuff.

The X-Men were not astonished, but instead astonishing, and remain unaware that X-Factor now knows what's with the Decimation.

And now all members of X-Factor, plus Quicksilver, have converged on their headquarters. Whereupon merriment is about to ensue.
So there you have it. The introduction for X-Factor #9 which also serves as the summary for X-Factor #8. So what happened after that? What happened in X-Factor #9? Jamie Madrox, feeling confused on the Superhuman Registration Act, went for a walk post-guided by Layla. Madrox met Aegis, a former member of the New Warriors, who was trying to run away because the S.H.I.E.L.D. is after him. Jamie Madrox a.k.a Multiple Man aided in his escape.

Madrox, seeing the effect and bad side of registration act has finally imposed a decision: X-Factor is against the registration.

For more details, grab your own copy of X-Factor #9 - if it's still available.

July 20, 2006

Thor is back!

After battling for a copy of Civil War #3, I went straight home and browsed thru the pages. I can't wait to read it. This is some kinda spoiler so if you wanna keep the suspense alive for yourself don't read this.

So previously on Civil War #2, Spider-Man did the unthinkable and revealed his true identity to the press. On the next Scene, Tony Stark (Iron Man) talked Emma Frost in joining forces with them to track out the hiding superheroes who doesn't want to register. Presently, the X-Men is still neutral and serves neither side.

Susan, one of the Fantastic Four was missing.

Civil War #3 also introduced the new secret identities of Captain America, Daredevil, Hercules and Falcon which among the four has the funniest name. It was handed to them by Nick Fury, whose whereabouts is still unknown until now. The New Avengers received a distressed call from Gefen Meyer Chemicals and immediately went to the place. Cap's team arrived at the place and found out that it was a trap and they've mistakenly took the bait. Two of Cap's men were down on the initial attack. They were stunned with tranquilizers by the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers. Iron Man and the rest of the Pro-registration act was there and tried to talk Captain America to support the registration act but failed. Iron Man's armor malfunctioned from the chip that Captain America placed on his hand when they shook hands. And so the battle began. Spider-Man as usual is still amazing especially with that new costume which really gives him advantage in combat. It has an amazing stealth function and four mechanical arms on his back.

Iron Man rebooted his armor's system and when he was ready to go, he took Cap from the back. Iron Man was beating up Captain America until a strange lightning struck the ground... Thor is back.

My Battle for Civil War #3

Immediately after work, I headed to the nearest Comic Book Store in town. It was 7:30 PM. I approached the seller and asked her if there were new issues arriving. She told me the new arrivals would be coming at 9 PM. Well I can't wait my hands on Civil War #3 and the other tie-ins so I paid in advance that way I won't miss any issue.

So I waited.

I waited for more.

It was five minutes before 9PM. I waited.

Then it came. It was like a strike of lightning to the ground. The delivery boxes were there. The whole shop was crowded. The people including me can't wait to get their hands on Civil War #3. It was like some rockstar was there and people were getting crazy. Finally the moment I was waiting for arrived. I have in the copies in my hand. I was holding Cable & DeadPool #30, Civil War #3, Civil War: X-Men #1 and X-Factor #9. Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper wasn't available. I guess it will arrive next week. I thought about grabbing the Civil War Turner Variant #3 but I guess I don't have money left now. I think it costs $15.

Spoilers and reactions on the titles will come on next posts so happy reading folks!

July 19, 2006

Time for Comic Quest

I'm on my way to the comic book shop to grab the latest Civil War and the tie-ins. I'll post updates and spoilers here later. See ya guys! Civil War #3, here I come!

July 17, 2006

Are the Civil War tie-ins worth buying?

I just came from the comic book forums to check out the latest posts and threads and I found a something about the Civil War tie-ins. So are the tie-ins worth buying for? Maybe the main Civil War title contains the main story but what's happening behind and beyond is also important. For me, the tie-ins are essential to understand and answer all your questions regarding your favorite characters involved in Civil War. If for example you are a Spider-man fan, you would want to buy the Spider-man tie-in issue, entitled "War at Home", because you want to know what's happening on Peter Parker's life now that he has revealed his secret identity.

I confess, that I do collect all the Civil War tie-ins. It's worth it because I made a vow to myself that I'm gonna finish this issue. Everytime I miss an issue because the comic shop run out of copies, I feel disappointed. Just like when I missed Spectacular Spider-man #28, but it's not an official tie in. I think it's more than a lead-in. I've read somewhere that it's in this issue where you'll find out how Doc Oc found the Thunderbolts. Well I'm still looking for it.

Thunderbolts is a good tie-in to have because it introduces new characters that might be involved in the war. Frontline is also a good title. This one is on the journalism side. It's about Daily Bugle journalists gathering their thoughts about the registration act. And if you want to know what's happening to Speedball, it can be found inside Frontline too. One good thing about Frontline is that it comes out twice a month.

Amazing Spider-man on the other hand is a good title too. It's in this title where you get to know what's happening to the life of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-man now that he's revealed his true identity.

If you want to find out what's happening to Nitro and his whereabouts, you better check out Wolverine. On Wolverine #43, Logan found Nitro. The S.H.I.E.L.D. army together with Wolverine busted into Nitro's hideout and guess what happened? The S.H.I.E.L.D. army burned into ashes. Only Wolverine survived.

New Avengers, is about a new team or more of an army being formed by Captain America. The team is composed of SuperPowers and heroes which is against the SuperPower registration act.

X-Factor, is a bit boring stuff right now but let's find out till Quicksilver comes out on next issue.

July 16, 2006

Civil War Banner Parade

So whose side are you on?

I've been a visiting the Comic Book Resources forums lately and I've found a thread about Civil War banners. Originally there were two banners with the taglines, "I'm with Iron Man" and "I'm with Captain America". On this thread you'd find funny Civil War banners, comic readers are making fun of them and I'm planning on making one too later.
Well just check out the thread here and join the fun.

Civil War #6 Variant Cover Issue by Michael Turner Revealed

Civil War #3 is just about to be released and yet another great Variant Cover is revealed. It's Namor!

Fans may be gearing up for next week's #3, but come October, everyone will be wondering about Civil War #6. Marvel has provided Newsaama.com with your first look at the Michael Turner variant cover to the issue, an image that clearly suggest Sue Storm may have found some very strong anit-registration arms to take refuge in…

The solicitation copy for the issue reads: CIVIL WAR #6 (of 7)

Written by MARK MILLAR Pencils and Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN Variant & Sketch Variant Covers by MICHAEL TURNER
Captain America's depleted forces have determined the secret of File 42, setting them on a last-ditch collision course with Iron Man and the Pro-Registration heroes! It's the beginning of the battle of the century-a conflict in which virtually every superhuman on Earth will be forced to choose a side to fight on!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99


July 14, 2006

Speedball is a real bubblehead

I just got my hands on Civil War: Front Line #3. I went to the local comic bookstore just a few hours ago after I got out from work to buy the new Civil War titles. They sell like hell man. When I got there, the seller told me that they've run out of copies of Front Line #3! So I just bought the other titles. I've got Thunderbolts #104, and a Variant cover issue of Civil War #2. I also bought Civil War #1 - Director's Cut -- It was the last copy! I was lucky! So what do I have to say?

Well after reading Front Line #3, I was really disappointed at Speedball. I think he's such a fucking idiot not to sign up and register his powers. She-Hulk was there to act as her lawyer. Robert Baldwin, Speedball's real name, is so blind he can not see that part of what happened there at Stamford was his fault. If he has thought of his friends' and the world's safety, he could have stopped right there and let the stronger powers handle Nitro and the other villains. Too bad, Speedball wanted to be a TV Star. Because he wanted to boost the New Warriors Reality TV Show, he made the fucking wrong decision and created a big disaster that every Super power in the Marvel Universe was affected.


July 12, 2006

Civil War: Front Line #3

Front Line #3 along with 3 other titles are gonna be available at your local comic shop today.
Civil War(Director's #1) is a CIVIL WAR #1 reprint containing plus script, sketches, deleted scenes and more! ThunderBolts #1 is about rogue marvels that gets to do their evil deeds on the loose!
If you are a Spider-Man fan and want to catch the latest on the web crawler, grab Sensational Spider-Man #28, not officially a Civil War tie in but contains Spidey's life after his unmasking.

July 06, 2006

Civil War Checklist for July

I know many of you are looking for the Complete Civil War checklist, well if you have the Civil War: Opening Shot Sketchbook issue, you'll find it at the last page. Yeah it's complete alright but it doesn't tell you the release date. well, that's why I'm here to show you and lead you the way in buying your Civil War tie-ins.

Here they are:

July 12, 2006
  • Civil War (Director's #1)
  • Civil War: Front Line #3
  • ThunderBolts #104
  • Sensational Spider-Man #28*
July 19, 2006
  • Cable & DeadPool #30
  • Civil War #3
  • Civil War Turner Variant #3
  • Civil War: X-Men #1
  • Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper
  • She-Hulk #9*

July 26, 2006
  • Amazing Spider-Man #534
  • Civil War FrontLine #4
  • Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1
  • Fantastic 4 #539
  • New Avengers #22
  • Wolverine #44
  • X-Factor #9
Thanks. And I hope this helps you all Civil War addicts out there!

Nitro Found!

I'm still looking for Wolverine #42. I can only find it on eBay right now. This one is a sell-out. I should have bought it when I had the chance. Darn it! I swear I won't miss the next issues. I bought Wolverine #43 last Friday and the other Civil War tie-ins.
So Wolverine was hunting for Nitro. Who is Nitro? Nitro was the one responsible for the deaths of 600 people including 60 children. What can Nitro do? Well, just basing on his name, he can self-ignite and explode with the power of a huge bomb. Wolverine and S.H.I.E.L.D. found his hide-out in an old cabin. The S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers including Wolverine were vaporized when Nitro self-ignited. Nitro was talking to some politician who I think is the mastermind of all the Civil War thing. Then Wolverine showed up. His healing factor is Amazing. I saw him vaporized then his whole body regenerated. Darn.