November 27, 2006

Spider-Man joins Captain America's Army

It is now confirmed on Amazing SpiderMan #537 that the web crawler has joined Cap's Army. He and his wife Mary Jane together with Aunt May are now with new identities and are hiding.
What happened in ASM #536 really raged Iron Man. Spider-Man made an appearance on TV telling all the world that the registration act is wrong and that what he did on revealing his true identity was a wrong move.
He was announcing his official membership on Cap's side.

Now, Iron Man, do you still think there will be someone left for you?

November 22, 2006

Civil War #6 to be released on December 20

After reading Civil War #5, I can't help it but I'm getting too excited on the release of Civil War #6. I'm wondering what will happen to Spider-Man after getting beaten by two villains turned to be law enforcers. What will happen to Iron Man? Spider-Man will be back with vengeance.

November 19, 2006

Spider-Man almost died: Give Punisher your thanks

I was supposed to blog about Civil War #5 after I read it but I'm always too busy. Not now. It's Sunday and it's weekend.

Just looking at the cover of Civil War #5 tells you the whole story of it. But let's get into details.

And so Iron Man found out that Spider-Man was going against him. So they had a little fight. Iron Man tried to talk Spider-Man but I guess no one will believe Iron Man anymore. Spider-Man was questioning Iron Man why'd he put all the heroes who refuse to register in the negative zone. Spider-Man's point that putting these heroes who didn't violate any crime but only wears those tights for good intentions is very cruel. Spider-Man was against Iron Man's ideas and that, Iron Man didn't like it. Iron man said Spider-Man was a lunatic.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four Siblings, The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman was being chased by S.H.I.E.L.D. units. They just realized that the registration act is wrong and they're on their way to Cap's Den. They were given by Nick Fury new identites as couples and yeah, the siblings were not comfortable with it.

So what happened to Spider-Man now? Iron Man failed talking Spider-Man into his ideals so Spider-Man gave Iron Man a big punch and tried to escape. I wish you could've seen it. There were a lot of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers who were after Spider-Man. If not for Spider-Man's bullet proof costume he could've died with those hundreds of bullets aimed straight at him. Spider-Man went straight into the Sewers only to find out that the Jester and Jack O' Lantern was there waiting for him. These two villains were working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Imagine that?! So who is the lunatic now? Iron Man hired these two villains to hunt him down.

Spider-Man was beaten by these two villains almost to death. Before the who villains has a chance to grab Spider-Man, the Jester's head was blaster apart by the Punisher.

Daredevil was caught and revealed a silver coin inside his mouth for Iron Man. Then he walks away and says "Sleep well, Judas.”

Iron Man #13: what about Iron Man?

So I've just read Iron Man #13. This time the story circles on lots of stuff we should know about the controversial Marvel character. I just read the story once and just found out that Iron Man was also guilty of what Speedball is accused of right now. He was with the Secretary of Defense offering Tony Stark, yes, Iron Man's real identity, the role of being the leader for S.H.I.E.L.D. It was also mentioned on the story that a plane crashed and caused a lot of casualties and Iron Man was to blame. It only happened that a bigger tragedy occured and that was the Stamford explosion that's why people's attention were drawn away from the tragedy Iron Man caused.

So the big question now is, why should Iron Man be offered the responsibility of being the leader of SH.I.E.L.D.? Shouldn't he be also involved in the training of superheroes? I don't know why I hate Iron Man but I never really liked him. Yeah this is fiction but you get to hate a fictional character too, right?

Damn, Iron Man should be in jail too. He's supporting something he's not sure and righteous of. Just get a copy of your Iron Man #13 and read all about the damn story about the "hero".

November 15, 2006

Civil War #5 On The Comic Book Stores Today!

I've been waiting for a whole month for the next chapter of Civil War and now I'm finally gonna be able to have it. I have missed some tie-ins because I wasn't going to the comicbook stores. I'm too busy with work and i have to ride a bus and go through heavy traffic just to buy comics. I'm becoming lazy. I don't know why. Maybe it was because of the delays? Well, maybe.

Well to be released with Civil War # 5 are the following tie-ins. So please be sure to have them all.
Two Variant Covers for Civil War #5 is gonna be out today. Iron Man 13 will also be available. I'm really waiting for this one. Now we'll know why Iron Man does all those strange and crazy behaviour of treason. I can't wait to read this!

New Avengers #25 will also be out today. See you in a few days. I'll be blogging about those new comics again.

November 03, 2006

"Hollow" ween for Civil War

Wednesday has passed once again and no Civil War tie-ins or titles are on the comic stands. Civil War isn't getting much exciting right now because of the delays. They should have stick to the 7 month plan, one Civil War chapter in one month, but I guess Marvel thought they could extent the special event since they found out how big Civil War has been. Well, I've got nothing to blog about but maybe I'll just relate to you my Halloween experience and somethings about Civil War Comics.

Well last Halloween, me and my band played(Yes I am in a rock band) some cover songs from Silverstein and our own songs. We were like playing in front of 30 people but it's fun because it has been a while since I last had the guitar on my hands. I played the guitar like I never played before.

Civil War #5 will be out in a few days and I'm gonna make it sure that I'll be the first one to have it here.

So what have I learned on Civil War? Here's some of it. This isn't arranged so please pardon me.

  • Goliath's dead.
  • Mike Millar might be a racist he killed a black man.
  • Captain America is wounded.
  • Some of the resistance have joined Iron Man.
  • Spider-Man has just realized that Iron Man is an asshole and to be never trusted.
  • Speedball, the one they believe who is the cause of all this mayhem is shot and wounded and even She-Hulk can't do anything for him.
  • Speedball might die.
  • Who knows.
  • His teammates are dead and Speedball is the only one left.
  • Nitro is in Atlantis with his arm cut and awaiting his punishment.
  • Nitro killed Namorita, Namor's cousin.
  • Wolverine is unveiling the mystery on who the real suspect is.
  • Cyclops was out of control and he almost killed Bishop.
  • X-Factor is still neutral.
  • Spider-Man unmasked and now his life and Aunt May and MJ's life too is in danger.
  • Jameson fired Peter Parker.
  • The Daily Bugle is a mess.
  • New heroes our popping out of nowhere.
  • Young Avengers meets the Runaways.
  • One of the Runaways is the son of Super Skrull.
  • Fantastic Four is disbanded.
  • Susan Storm left Reed Richards.
  • Johnny Storm was mobbed and almost got killed by people.
  • The Thing left the country and stayed neutral.
  • Storm got married to the Black Panther.
  • Captured heroes are brought into the negative zone.
  • Iron Man let Green Goblin out of his cage.
  • The registered villains are now heroes too.
  • Baron Zemo has led a team of super-villains.
  • Thor was cloned and his clone killed Goliath.
  • Nick Fury gave Captain America and the rest of the New Avengers a new identity.
  • Civil War was delayed.
  • Google crashed because of 30 million simultaneous "Peter Parker" searches.
  • Wolverine hunted down Nitro and found him.
  • That's all for now.