October 15, 2006

Speedball got shot on Civil War:FrontLine #7

I just bought a copy of Civil War: Front Line #7 today. I was suppose to buy it last Wednesday but due to my busy schedule, I have to wait until today. Yeah I just got from the mall, there were lots of people because everything was on sale except for Front Line # 7, which was OK. I'd buy it even if it costs 200% higher. Well, anyway let's discuss what happened in the latest Front Line issue.

Well, what you're about to read is some kind of spoiler but who wouldn't want a very good spoiler. Well, this blog is for those who don't have access to buy Marvel Comics. That's why I'm here to provide you with the latest news and updates about the latest Marvel event.

Enough with the rambling. Well here we go.

The cover of Frontline # 7 itself will tell you what happened right away. Speedball, a.k.a. Robert Baldwin, yeah the one they accuse for the Stamford tragedy ( but I don't blame him for it now that I've known the conspiracy behind all these tragic Marvel events), has been shot by some unknown guy on his way to tell his side and trial. Baldwin is struggling between life and death. His thoughts are being shown, feeling sorry about what happened.

Ben Urich on the other hand was also on the scene where Speedball was shot. He was talking on the phone to Robbie, Jonah Jameson's righthand. Ben Urich's news about Iron Man, yeah Tony Stark, releasing Norman Osborn out of prison, is getting more controversial and hotter than ever.

Sally Floyd is being shown in an interrogation room when she was visited by Congressman Eugene Sykes, trying to convince her to join his side.

The next scene is really disturbing too. It shows Norman Osborn, the man behind the Green Goblin, talking to someone who I think has high political and control powers on the registration act. My guess is, it's Tony Stark. It's only a guess but I know it's him. He's giving Norman Osborn some super enhancement formula equipped with nano-technology. The last time I hear this nano technology stuff was from Tony Stark on Amazing Spiderman #529 so I know it's him. Iron man is planning to betray the Avengers and all his friends. So the big question is, WHAT IS IRON MAN UP TO NOW?

The Civil War event is really getting out of hand. The plot is thickening and many heroes and lives are getting affected in Marvel Universe and the real world. How does it affect the real world? Well, in my own opinion kids who read this kind of stuff is getting a taste of what's happening to politics today, well subconsciously but it's really gonna be a while before they realize what is it.

Civil War, I love the plot. Better than Infinite Crisis.


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