September 20, 2006

Civil War #4 out today!

It's been about more than a month since the last release of Civil War and right now I'm so excited to grab a copy of its next issue. Civil War #4 will be out on the comic book shops today. I am so glad that I am finally going to find out what will happen to our heroes. There has been rumors that Thor has killed somebody and the only way to find out who is to buy the Civil War #4.

Also, Civil War is back with a new trailer. Watch it now! This trailer is so damn sharp and good.

Also don't forget to grab the other Civil War tie ins. CIVIL WAR: X-MEN #3 will be available on your local comic stores. You'll also find out what happened to Nitro on WOLVERINE #46.

Please leave your comment guys after you've read Civil War #4. Let's talk about it.


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