September 20, 2006

It wasn't David who killed Goliath. It was Thor.

So it is true that Thor has killed one of Captain America's allies. Yes Thor just murdered one of his former ally. Read on and light your candles.

I just recently bought a while ago the most awaited Civil War #4. I read through the first five pages and I found myself very sad about the events. Iron Man was beating Captain America down to the ground making his jaw almost fall off. Thor was throwing his Mighty Hammer at every anti-registration act super hero he sees. If you could just see Thor's eyes, it's full of rage ready to take down every one who opposes him. It's just too bad that Goliath died trying to stop Thor. Yeah, it was Goliath who died. Why would Thor kill his former team mate? I have the answer so again, read on.

The pro-registration Super Heroes were shocked at what Thor did. Nobody was supposed to die. But Thor didn't know that. It's because that Thor isn't the original Thor. The Thor that killed Goliath was a clone of the original Thor. The original Thor died. Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic was responsible for cloning Thor. In order to clone a person, a sample of that person's DNA is needed. So where the heck did Reed Richards get the DNA sample of Thor? If you guessed it was Iron Man, you are right. Tony Stark or IronMan was holding onto a strand of Thor's hair since they first met. What kind of person is Tony Stark? I'm beginning to think that Tony has some selfish plans for himself on the future. It's just sad that Tony has no other power when he doesn't have his armor. What are his plans? I have a lot of question about this Iron guy. Why would he give Spiderman a new costume? Why would he support the registration act? Why did he record Captain America's fight movements? Is this a futuristic type of thinking or maybe he is just afraid that's why he takes advantage of everyone he meets. This is insane. The war has gone bad and I know that there will be a sudden exchange of places and sides on the upcoming Civil War issues. Hank Pym also questioned Iron Man's thinking. SpiderMan was beginning to think he made the wrong decision. Well I guess he did. SpiderMan should just have left Iron Man when still has the chance.

Everything's going wrong on Civil War. Susan left Reed Richards to join Captain America. Reed is a genius. Everything is based on calculations. He even calculates emotions. Pretty weird for an elastic guy.

Goodbye Goliath. He may not be my favorite superhero but his death is really something that made me sad. Goliath's death will make the war worst than ever.

Till then. Let's just hope that they never use Thor again.


Blogger chris said...

hey, thanks for the update dude, its nigh impossible to get a hold of civil war in the uk so im relying on you for keeping me up 2 date :) good work!!!

5:28 AM  
Blogger fatfingur said...

No problem with that Chris! Thanks!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous okokoro said...

Hi, new guy here, sorry for the intrude.

It's a shame that this was released too late, because the events of Civil War 4 happen before Fantastic Four 539 and Amazing Spiderman 534, which came out 2 months ago.

Marvel, such poor planning...

10:24 PM  
Blogger BlackCalvinist said...

Hey dude.

Check it.

The guy in the comics shop pointed something out to me.

That's not the real Mjolnir that the not-Thor is carrying.

Coupled with:

Someone with DB initials picked up Thor's hammer. I think it's the REAL Don Blake.

Finally, Marvel said they're going to give Thor his own book in 07, around Feb. or so.

Put two and two together: Don Blake with Thor powers, Thor Clone, the Real Thor awakens.

Can you imagine the ticked-offedness the real Thor will have when he finds that A. He's been cloned, B. A murder of an old teammate was committed in his name... ?

11:34 AM  
Blogger jimarroyo said...

I intend to write my own post on this at length in my own blog, but I would like to say that I saw this coming from a million miles away. That is not a declaration of triumph, but one of disgust.

Prior to this series, the black Goliath had been pretty much in limbo, the same place where George Perez's White Tiger had been when Brian Bendis brought him out and killed him in the pages of Daredevil. When he surfaced in Civil War, and when Marvel's shameless marketing crew announced that they'd be killing off a character, it wasn't that hard to put two and two together.

Worse still, Mark Millar has stuck to the old, rather racist story convention which is so bad it's been repeatedly lampooned: the black dude always gets it. Granted, there were three black anti-reg heroes to choose from, but given that the Falcon and Cage are mainstays, Goliath, who had been nowhere for years, was the logical choice.

This was a cheap death, one done strictly for shock value. One wonders how many more expendable superheroes Millar is going to "enlist" before the "War" is over.

What really bothers me, and what i'm going to discuss at length in my blog, is that Goliath isn't even the real casualty here, violent death notwithstanding...

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read CW#4 too and read your comments, now that you've pointed out what Tony Stark's been doing for the last few issues, he's starting to act like DC's Batman (who built Brother Eye to watch over the superhero population and had every superhero's weakness info in his database)

12:00 AM  
Blogger jepster2006 said...

Cool it jimarroyo, it's just a comic book.

I read your post in your blog and c'mon, kind of over reacting dude.

Anyway, I knew it was Goliath all along, actually I mixed up Hercules with Goliath when I said last time it was going to be Hercules. My bad, fatfingur.

Anyway, about Thor, Millar says "Clor" (Thor's clone), is going to play a major part in the series and may be appearing in the upcoming issues.

Also, the one person I want Thor to kick ass is Reed Richards'. His total change of character is a result of his hidden greed.

9:32 PM  
Blogger chris said...

clor is apparently going to be a big player in the civil war, its a prelude of sorts for the return of the real thor... i doubt he will be best pleased...

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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