November 15, 2006

Civil War #5 On The Comic Book Stores Today!

I've been waiting for a whole month for the next chapter of Civil War and now I'm finally gonna be able to have it. I have missed some tie-ins because I wasn't going to the comicbook stores. I'm too busy with work and i have to ride a bus and go through heavy traffic just to buy comics. I'm becoming lazy. I don't know why. Maybe it was because of the delays? Well, maybe.

Well to be released with Civil War # 5 are the following tie-ins. So please be sure to have them all.
Two Variant Covers for Civil War #5 is gonna be out today. Iron Man 13 will also be available. I'm really waiting for this one. Now we'll know why Iron Man does all those strange and crazy behaviour of treason. I can't wait to read this!

New Avengers #25 will also be out today. See you in a few days. I'll be blogging about those new comics again.


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