November 03, 2006

"Hollow" ween for Civil War

Wednesday has passed once again and no Civil War tie-ins or titles are on the comic stands. Civil War isn't getting much exciting right now because of the delays. They should have stick to the 7 month plan, one Civil War chapter in one month, but I guess Marvel thought they could extent the special event since they found out how big Civil War has been. Well, I've got nothing to blog about but maybe I'll just relate to you my Halloween experience and somethings about Civil War Comics.

Well last Halloween, me and my band played(Yes I am in a rock band) some cover songs from Silverstein and our own songs. We were like playing in front of 30 people but it's fun because it has been a while since I last had the guitar on my hands. I played the guitar like I never played before.

Civil War #5 will be out in a few days and I'm gonna make it sure that I'll be the first one to have it here.

So what have I learned on Civil War? Here's some of it. This isn't arranged so please pardon me.

  • Goliath's dead.
  • Mike Millar might be a racist he killed a black man.
  • Captain America is wounded.
  • Some of the resistance have joined Iron Man.
  • Spider-Man has just realized that Iron Man is an asshole and to be never trusted.
  • Speedball, the one they believe who is the cause of all this mayhem is shot and wounded and even She-Hulk can't do anything for him.
  • Speedball might die.
  • Who knows.
  • His teammates are dead and Speedball is the only one left.
  • Nitro is in Atlantis with his arm cut and awaiting his punishment.
  • Nitro killed Namorita, Namor's cousin.
  • Wolverine is unveiling the mystery on who the real suspect is.
  • Cyclops was out of control and he almost killed Bishop.
  • X-Factor is still neutral.
  • Spider-Man unmasked and now his life and Aunt May and MJ's life too is in danger.
  • Jameson fired Peter Parker.
  • The Daily Bugle is a mess.
  • New heroes our popping out of nowhere.
  • Young Avengers meets the Runaways.
  • One of the Runaways is the son of Super Skrull.
  • Fantastic Four is disbanded.
  • Susan Storm left Reed Richards.
  • Johnny Storm was mobbed and almost got killed by people.
  • The Thing left the country and stayed neutral.
  • Storm got married to the Black Panther.
  • Captured heroes are brought into the negative zone.
  • Iron Man let Green Goblin out of his cage.
  • The registered villains are now heroes too.
  • Baron Zemo has led a team of super-villains.
  • Thor was cloned and his clone killed Goliath.
  • Nick Fury gave Captain America and the rest of the New Avengers a new identity.
  • Civil War was delayed.
  • Google crashed because of 30 million simultaneous "Peter Parker" searches.
  • Wolverine hunted down Nitro and found him.
  • That's all for now.


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