June 26, 2006

Two More Days before Spider-Man #533

Amazing Spider-Man #533 will be finally out in two days!!! Here we get to find out the start of the webslingers life now that he has revealed his real identity to the press.

Also to be released on your favorite local comic bookstore shops in two days are Civil War Front Line #2, Fantastic Four #538, New Avengers #21, Wolverine #43 and X-Factor #8.

I'll be having my hands on them soon!


Blogger jimarroyo said...

You know, while I have nothing against tie-ins, I rather resent that the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man contained scenes and dialogue which were crucial to understanding Civil War #2, or the unmasking of Spider-Man. In interviews, Joe Quesada repeatedly stated that there would be NO NEED to read tie-ins.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous fatfingur said...

I think he was referring to the House of M. If you have a Civil War #2 issue, you'd notice that the events take place very fast. That's what the tie ins are for. So you'd know what events take place in between those missing "hours".

10:37 AM  

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