August 09, 2006

Civil War Tie Ins: Civil War: Front Line #5 and Ms. Marvel #6 to be released today

Are you Civil War fanatics out there ready to grab the latest Civil War tie-ins?
Two titles are gonna be released today so you better get your asses ready for these ones. The first tie in you should grab is Front Line #5, where Bubblehead, er... I mean Speedball will go on trial. Will justice serve him well? Let's find out after we buy that issue.

The Story: Embedded within the heart of the battle between super hero registrants and resistors you
will learn the real story behind both sides of the Civil War! In any conflict there are those
who want to keep the facts hidden, but on the Front Lines the truth will be told.
In “The Accused”: The New Warriors survivor goes on trial! Their life was spared from the Stamford Disaster. Will justice be so kind?
Also featuring true tales of war in Civil War: Correspondence.

The second tie-in will be about the training of super-heroes which will be led by no other than Carol Danvers or more popularly known as Ms. Marvel. Does the super-heroes really need training? I guess let's find out on the new issue of Ms. Marvel #6.

The Story: Ms. Marvel enlists in the CIVIL WAR! With the Super Hero Registration Act in full effect, Carol Danvers joins forces with Simon “Wonder Man” Williams and Julia “Arachne” Carpenter to police and train heroes. But there is a traitor in their midst--someone who is undermining the registration movement and endangering everyone!


Blogger Scott said...

It appears that Speedball didn't get a trial. Front Line #5 shows She-Hulk talking to him about the appeals process, but no trial is ever shown. One would think something as important as an actual guilty verdict rendered by a jury would warrant being shown or at least mentioned...

8:05 AM  
Blogger fatfingur said...

Speedball didn't get the trial because he refused to register. I know the registration act is crap and I can understand him if he doesn't want to, but what's really wrong with him is that he doesn't want to admit that he was part of the people to be blamed for the incident.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

"Speedball didn't get the trial because he refused to register."

Um, you do realize the way it's supposed to work is you get a trial in order to determine whether you are guilty of a crime or not.

10:13 PM  
Blogger fatfingur said...

Oh yeah, I realize that. But that's what I understood from reading Front Line. That's what She-Hulk said.
Maybe it's not She-Hulk, it's what the people wanted because you see, Speedball has became America's most hated person... well in the Marvel universe. Let's just wait for the next issues mate.

10:49 PM  

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