July 14, 2006

Speedball is a real bubblehead

I just got my hands on Civil War: Front Line #3. I went to the local comic bookstore just a few hours ago after I got out from work to buy the new Civil War titles. They sell like hell man. When I got there, the seller told me that they've run out of copies of Front Line #3! So I just bought the other titles. I've got Thunderbolts #104, and a Variant cover issue of Civil War #2. I also bought Civil War #1 - Director's Cut -- It was the last copy! I was lucky! So what do I have to say?

Well after reading Front Line #3, I was really disappointed at Speedball. I think he's such a fucking idiot not to sign up and register his powers. She-Hulk was there to act as her lawyer. Robert Baldwin, Speedball's real name, is so blind he can not see that part of what happened there at Stamford was his fault. If he has thought of his friends' and the world's safety, he could have stopped right there and let the stronger powers handle Nitro and the other villains. Too bad, Speedball wanted to be a TV Star. Because he wanted to boost the New Warriors Reality TV Show, he made the fucking wrong decision and created a big disaster that every Super power in the Marvel Universe was affected.



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