July 29, 2006

Spider-Man refuses to take Captain America's offer to join his side

Life couldn’t be more complicated -- or more dangerous -- for Peter Parker. Spider-Man has picked a side in the Civil War that’s tearing apart the super hero community, and the decision has ripped apart some of his strongest bonds. When one of the War's leaders comes to recruit Spidey for his troops, will Spidey stay true to that decision?
What's the buzz about Spider-Man? I've got a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #534 and I really don't like the cover at all. It's not about the art. It's just that I hate to see Captain America and Spidey engaging in battle against each other.

I've just read the whole issue once. I know that Spider-Man is having some second thoughts on being on the side of the registration act. Our favorite hero is beginning to realize the negative effects the registration act is bringing in the Marvel universe. And again, I think Iron Man's some traitor. It's all he's doing this registration act becomes law.

Who knows about Spider-Man's ability, Spider-sense? No one but he himself and two other people, Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May. How come Iron Man knows about it too right now? Spidey never told him. Maybe it's the suit that Tony (Iron Man) gave him that's been gathering all the data then sending it all to Tony. That's an act of betrayal.

Well anyway, let's get to the story.

Spider-Man and the rest of the pro-registration assault team are on the way to transfer the captured anti-registration heroes from the battle at the Petrochemical Plant.(I just assumed this one. Correct me if I'm wrong. I can't figure out the timeline. I've just read the story once. Please check out Civil War #3) Iron Man, feeling a bit coward, didn't let Spider-Man swing and let him stayed close to him because Iron Man knew about the Spider-Sense ability the web-slinger has. (Now tell me, is Iron Man tough or what? ...Nah!) The New Avengers, led by Captain America was also cooking something to get these captured prisoners free. So both sides went face to face with each other again. Cap offered Spidey to join his side. SpiderMan refuses and they started to battle. Who won? No one but everything is really getting confusing on Spider-Man's head.

Next month in Amazing Spider-Man #535, we'll find out if Spider-Man stays on the side of the registration act or not!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hope that Spidey's new suit isn't broadcasting private Parker info to Tony. If that's the case, then Peter'll have to ditch the new costume, and that'd be so sad. I don't want to see him go back to the ol' red and blue! -anaximander

9:57 PM  
Anonymous fatfingur said...

We're not really sure of that but I think Spidey's new suit has something in it that sends data to Iron Man. On the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man, the web-slinger will be battling Iron Man. I saw it on the next issues cover. I think Spider-Man will make a decision that will cahnge the destiny of both sides...

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I see it, Spidey could've backed down from the fight and teamed up with the Cappie, but he knew that he was stronger than that and didn't want to simply give in. Was it killing him inside? Oh, heck yeah! Now, it was hard for me to read because Peter always looked up to Captain A. Seeing them fight was intense and somewhat heart-aching.

As for Tony being a traitor...no. I doubt it. The guy just really wants his team to win and he has an aggressive way of showing that. As for the whole "how does he know about my spidey sense?" debate, think about it: They've been super heroes for a long time. They've studies the others moves. Chances are a smart guy like Stark is gonna put 2-and-2 together as to why Spidey is so fast.


9:47 AM  

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