July 29, 2006

Nitro's punishment to be decided by a fight

At long last, I have grabbed one of the most important tie ins in the Civil War series. I'm supposed to buy it on it's release date but i guess I was a bit busy. Sorry for the delay my dear readers. Well, here's some news for you about Nitro.

Stamford, Connecticut. A Clash between the NEW WARRIORS and a group of super-powered criminals culminates in a devastating explosion caused by Robert Hunter a/k/a NITRO. Over 600 men, women and children are confirmed dead.

Stockton, California. A suburban couple and a mysterious surfer are tracking WOLVERINE, who is in turn tracking Nitro. Their agenda remains unknown.

Washington, D.C. A mysterious benefactor has been providing aid and comfort to Nitro. To what end remains a mystery.

Big Sur, California. Wolverine and a special S.H.I.E.L.D. unit locate Nitro and attempt to bring him to justice. The encounter ends with the death of the entire strike force.

Somebody's not happy.
So who's not happy? That still remains a mystery.

But after reading Wolverine #44, I've just found out that the suburban couple and the surfer are members of the royal guard of Atlantis. And the reason why they are tracking Wolverine is because they know Wolverine knows where Nitro is and they want to have Nitro for the justice of Princess Namorita's death. Princess Namorita was presumably the first one who died when Nitro detonated himself because she was the closest to him. Guess who shows up on the last page? Yes, Namor himself.

Next month in Wolverine #45, it's the showdown you've been clamoring for! Your favorite mutant, Wolverine, takes on Marvel's first mutant, Namor! The winner walks away with Nitro and the responsibility for his punishment. The loser... may not be able to walk away at all!

This is one good issue and a masterpiece by Marc Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos! You shouldn't miss this one.


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