July 23, 2006

Will the X-Men stay neutral on the Super Hero Registration Act?

After reading Civil War #3 and finding out that X-Men is still on the neutral, I wanted to know more details whether the X-Men will stick on being neutral on the registration act. For all ye comic lovers out there. I'm gonna share to you the introduction of Civil War: X-Men #1.

The mutant population was growing and in some places, thriving. Then M-Day happened -- in one white flash, 90% of the world's mutant lost their powers. Now, mutants are at the lowest, with only one place to turn. The XAVIER INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER LEARNING has opened its gates to all mutants seeking sanctuary.

But that sanctuary feels more like a prison...

THE OFFICE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY has arrived at the institute, bringing with them live manne Sentinels. They have come to protect the X-Men in their time of need. But the "198" (as the refugees now call themselves) and the O*N*E* are already finding it difficult to deal with one another. Tensions are high.

Meanwhile, a disaster involving the super hero team known as the NEW WARRIORS has shaken the rest of the Marvel Universe, igniting the controversial super hero Registration Act. The act threatens to force all super heroes to register themselves with the government and become official employees of S.H.I.E.L.D. This has sent a rift throughout the super hero community, pitting hero against hero. IRON MAN has been leading the proregistration side, while CAPTAIN AMERICA has been leading the opposition.

The X-Men have decided to remain neutral up until now, but events will soon force them to pick a side, whether they want to or not.
So what the hell happened then on Civil War: X-Men #1? To sum it up short, the refugees got away with the aid of Domino and Shatterstar. And yes Cyclops team could have stopped them but they let them escape.

I predict that the X-Men will be divided into two. Cyclops team against Bishop and the O*N*E*. Bishop is confirmed pro-registration while Cyclops and the rest of the guys are gonna break the law. And to prove that here's what Angel just said, "We protect our own... to the death."

To know more about the X-Men on Civil War, grab your own copy of Civil War: X-Men now while supply lasts.


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