July 23, 2006

Whose side is the X-Factor team on?

Someone commented on my previous post, My Battle for Civil War #3, that X-Factor #9 isn't out until the 26th of July. Well I checked Marvel.com and the posted release date of X-Factor #9 was well in fact July 19, 2006. You can check out the teaser and some pictures on X-Factor #9 page at Marvel.

Anyway, for those of you who don't have the copy yet, I'm gonna share to you what is written on the first page of the issue. Here it goes:

In a society where mutants and former mutants alike feel threatened by the world around them, they turn to their first, best line of defense whenever trouble arises: X-Factor, The private detective agency founded by Madrox, the Multiple Man.

Jamie Madrox and Strong Guy were astonished to learn that the DNA samples culled from both Damian Tyrp, Senior and Junior, the heads of Singularity Investigations were identical.

Siryn was astonished to learn, after pumping Spider-Man for information, that various super heroes including the X-Men, knew the secret of M-Day and had been keeping it from everyone else, including X-Factor.

Monet, Rictor, and Wolfsbane were astonished to learn that a dupe of Jamie Madrox is in the employment of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is part of the government initiative of registering super heroes.

Layla Miller had a face to face with Quicksilver outside X-Factor headquarters, but wasn't especially astonished because.. naturally... she knows stuff.

The X-Men were not astonished, but instead astonishing, and remain unaware that X-Factor now knows what's with the Decimation.

And now all members of X-Factor, plus Quicksilver, have converged on their headquarters. Whereupon merriment is about to ensue.
So there you have it. The introduction for X-Factor #9 which also serves as the summary for X-Factor #8. So what happened after that? What happened in X-Factor #9? Jamie Madrox, feeling confused on the Superhuman Registration Act, went for a walk post-guided by Layla. Madrox met Aegis, a former member of the New Warriors, who was trying to run away because the S.H.I.E.L.D. is after him. Jamie Madrox a.k.a Multiple Man aided in his escape.

Madrox, seeing the effect and bad side of registration act has finally imposed a decision: X-Factor is against the registration.

For more details, grab your own copy of X-Factor #9 - if it's still available.


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