July 25, 2006

Does Iron Man have precognition?

I've read New Avengers: Illuminati over again and while reading the last pages, Iron Man was like talking about the near future exactly as how it is happening right now in Civil War. I was just wondering if Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man has precognition powers? First of all what is precognition? Here's the decription according to wiki.

Precognition is a form of extra-sensory perception. Believers in precognition say it allows a "percipient" to perceive information about future places or events before they happen (as opposed to merely predicting them based on deductive reasoning and current knowledge). A related term, presentiment is used to refer to information about future events which may not present itself in conscious form but rather in the form of emotions or feelings at the autonomic level. These terms are considered by some to be special cases of the more general term clairvoyance.

On the other hand I was also thinking that Iron Man has built a Time Machine and used it to foresee the future. That's why he recorded in his armor Captain America's moves and punches. That's why he saw the Stamford event before it happened. And he also knew Spider-Man would unmask and reveal his secret identity - endangering his family.

Still, I don't know what will happen next. Let's just find out sooner or later on the next issues of Civil War.


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